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Who Is Your Ideal Candidate to Own a Jamin Leather® Franchise?

Though we may prefer a smart, friendly and ambitious owner operator arrangement, an experienced investor that can put in place long term management team with the same qualifications that know how to find ambitious staff to successfully run the day to day operation. Jamin Leather® does not require expert training, certifications or talents to run the retail location, but does require the right staffing beyond the owner operator/manager. We find this type of retail easy and fun. Where else can you enjoy all the unique fashions, the feel and even the smell of genuine leather on a daily basis?  We’re excited to partner with entrepreneurs who want to be involved making a positive impact on their community!

What Is The Size and Location Recommendations?

When it comes to size, the ideal location size is generally between 2000 and 3000 square feet to accommodate the majority of the product offering by the franchise as seen online. Higher traffic locations (like walking traffic) may only need 800-1000 square feet offering our best selling products. Most of the size will depend on your budget and traffic (walking or driving) at or around the specific location. Each franchise product selection will be tailored to their specific region or location.

As far as location is concerned, Jamin Leather® sells predominately leather apparel and may not be conducive for most southern states, excluding maybe high tourist traffic locations (including airports). It is recommended to have a selection and mixture of leather products that can sell year-round. Having a location in an area that is cool or cold most of the year the return on investment will be much greater. Though jackets don’t sell as well in the dead of summer but leather shorts, halters, belts, wallets and many other accessories sell year-round. Plus, if you are near highly populated areas, affluent areas, or in near performing venues, you may be more successful with the leather apparel all year round. Keep in mind, Jamin Leather® brand has exclusive products you won’t find just anywhere.

What Makes Jamin Leather® Different?

EVERYTHING! The fashion, the feel and the smell! We don’t require technical know-how to operate a retail leather apparel store. All you need is attentive and friendly staff, a great selection, effortless marketing and brand recognition. An ability to entertain your guests (customers) with our products, product selection, unique offerings, displays, in-store video, in-store kiosks, enhanced mannequins, the unique décor and fitting music playlists, as customers and staff dance while they shop.

Where Do I Get All My Inventory?

Your primary source of inventory is directly thru the parent company of Jamin Leather®. You will be able to purchase directly thru the website the majority of all the products. Some limited products can be purchased directly from select suppliers. No unapproved purchasing will be permitted but depending on the specific location, some liberties may be granted with prior approval.

What Is The Franchise Fee?

The fee to open a single Jamin Leather® retail Location is $___, or a discounted rate is available for a multi unit commitment of a minimum of 3 locations.

Will I Benefit from Jamin Leather® Online Sales?

Yes! With no effort of your own, Jamin Leather® will award you a commission on sales generated from zip codes in your protected territory outlined in your FDD. Each franchisee will be awarded a select territory which includes a list of zip codes you can receive commission on if the website ships directly to them. 

Do I Get Ongoing Support?

Of course.  That’s the best part of owing a Jamin Leather® franchise with it’s unsurpassed level of support. We have the perfect system you need to be successful, without the technical knowledge required in other types of franchises. There is several days of training and we will periodically check in on you either in-person or by phone for at least the first 6 months. Ongoing… we will be available during normal business hours to assist any issues you may have. Technical support on software and equipment my be limited to general knowledge.

How Much Will It Cost Me To Open a Jamin Leather®?

The cost to open a Jamin Leather® will varies with the size of the location and construction costs in your area. The ideal size is between 2000 and 3000 square feet with all start up fixtures, inventory and 3 months of expenses ranges from $____ -$_____.

How Much Cash On-Hand Will I Need To Proceed?

At this present time there is no required amount you will need on hand but if you or anyone you’re partnering with is seeking financing it’s best to have at least a 700 credit score to prevent getting the funding needed to proceed.

What is the Royalty Rate?

Just like any well-run franchise there is a ____% royalty on gross sales along with a ___% marketing fee. The marketing fee is used in the nationwide or regional promotions of the brand thru it’s catalog printing, catalog distribution, email marketing, social media presence, and a supporting website. Each franchisee will have available all the selling tools needed, including videos, graphics, copy, slogans and instruction information to assist in gaining future sales in-store and any hyper-local marketing, all provided by the franchisor. Little to no marketing management would be required of each franchisee, leaving the preplanned and creative to the experts within their proven framework.


If you’ve reviewed this site and you are ready for more information…

  • You need to schedule a meeting. Our initial conversation will be a brief introduction to our mission and give us an opportunity to get to know your interests and aspirations as well as share with you an overview of what it will take to open a Jamin Leather® in your region. We can openly discuss your fit for this type of opportunity and see if your ambitions match ours.
  • Hopefully we determine that you are a good match for Jamin Leather® and you meet the financial qualifications, we will then send you our Franchise Disclosure Agreement and schedule a follow up call, providing there is no additional franchise requirements needed for your state of operation.
  • Once you’re FDD is signed we will all get to work! We will assist you in finding your best site location, and schedule introductory training at our flagship location in Myrtle Beach SC. During training we will teach you every aspect of the retail leather goods business, including discuss advantages of select services like Special Orders and a sewing services option. You will learn to greet customers, get familiar with the required POS system and learn in-store marketing with displays, lighting, signage, video and so much more. We will plan on reviewing hyper-local marketing ideas, team building, community relations and other foundational elements of creating a successful yet exclusive retail leather business. With all this training, you will be armed with all the information needed to open your new Jamin Leather® location. We will be supporting you every step of the way!
  • The estimated timeline to open a location, from the time you sign your franchise agreement, is approximately 4-9 months, from site selection, up fit, fixturing, inventory, displays, marketing plan, and finally a grand opening.

We hope your ambitions match ours. If so, and you’re ready to begin your next new chapter of your life in a fun and exciting business venture, fill out our initial inquiry form on this website and start that adventure today!


What franchise is easy to own and operate? No technical training? No prior experience? Are you ambitious, friendly and outgoing? How about leather apparel and accessories franchise. An exciting alternative to the more technical offerings out there. A franchise that is not labor or skill intensive. Jamin Leather® franchise is a perfect opportunity and considered a fun alternative.  

What franchise does not require a trade talent? A leather retail franchise is the answer! With a Jamin Leather® franchise you will not need to have buying experience, don’t have to worry about trends, it’s easy to staff, a retail establishment that is unique with an exclusive product selection, almost 50 years of experience and support. A fun and exciting alternative franchise in retail sales. You will need a little talent to sell but no specialty skills and equipment required. 


Jamin Leather® will not provide a Federally required Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) until we are properly registered in your state or the state in which you wish to operate out of. These pages are intended for as an overview only with select information available the time of posting. All contents herein are subject to change without notice. Please contact us for further updates and information.


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