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The Jamin Leather® Advantage:
      • Exciting alternative product line
      • Exclusive collection of products
      • Fun relaxed environment attracting affluent shoppers
      • Easy restocking
      • Don’t need buying experience
      • Don’t need to worry about product selection and trends
      • Easy to staff with minimal training
      • In-store marketing and product videos
      • Commissions available from corporate direct sales
      • Established mailing list
      • Brand support thru print catalogs and website
      • Extensive experience and support (since 1979)
      • and… The Smell

Why Franchise with Jamin Leather®

Especially for the leather apparel industry, BRICK and MORTAR appears to be the future focus of leather shopping as more and more consumers are frustrated with online shopping. The lack of English-speaking companies taking over internet shopping of leather goods, inconvenient return issues, unexpected size and fit problems, sale pricing that don’t reflect the actual perceived value of the goods, hyped up expectations of inferior products, fake leather, and the infiltration of deep pocket companies and individuals overshadowing smaller domestic businesses as they out spend and saturate the market from overseas.

SHOP LOCAL!  American consumers would all prefer to support good, old fashion American run companies with a hometown feel, impeccable personal service and quality goods in their own town. A business that offers honest, value priced retail goods and services.

For the LOOKS, the FEEL. and the SMELL!


Leather Franchise by Jamin Leather®
Since 1979, Jamin Leather® has been manufacturing, designing, and selling exclusive leather goods, which include motorcycle apparel, and leather accessories. Our registered trademark brand is exclusively all genuine leather. Our Roadkill Leathers collection is an eclectic selection of value priced and on sale leather apparel and accessories. And lastly, for those looking for leather goods Made in USA, Jamin Leather® has a production staff sewing away at many of our smaller leather accessories and leather lingerie pieces. Jamin Leather® operates and ships out of a 24,000 sq ft building in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Jamin leather® has leather expert staff to assist you with sizing, selection, leather care and product recommendations. Jamin Leather® is the only online retailer with a Best Price Guarantee™ and a Best Fit Guarantee™ program.
Leather Jackets for Men and Women
Leather Vests for Men and Women
Free shipping on all jamin leather products available


Selling Retail Since 1979
Catalog Sales Since 1993
Internet Sales Since 1995

Business Summary of Jamin Leather®

Jamin Leather® LLC is currently registered as a Limited Liability Company in South Carolina. The Company is owned by James J Keats (100%), Managing Member, assisted by his wife Theresa and staff.

Founded in 1979, Jamin Leather® is a retailer of over 6,000 skus of leather apparel and accessories, including private label products and non-catalog related products. Revenue is derived from print catalog and online retail of approximately 45% through their optimized websites including jaminleather.com and shop.jaminleather.com, a 6,800 square foot Myrtle Beach Catalog Outlet retail location generating over 50% of its sales, and marketplace affiliates generating approximately 10% of its sales through Amazon, Google, Facebook, TikTok, Etsy, and eBay amongst others. The Company has successfully attracted visitors to the Myrtle Beach area from all over the world as could your future franchise location.

Jamin Leather® specializes in leather apparel and accessories (some of which are made in South Carolina). Jamin Leather® offers a unique collection that rivals competitors, designs, and produces exclusive items that no one offers. Jamin Leather® has a 48 page print catalog that no known competitor produces, offers more styles of leather goods than any known competitor in virtually every apparel category, and has superior in-house customer service, retail, shipping and manufacturing staff.

Jamin Leather® uses Google marketing, remarketing, display ads and slants its marketing toward leather shoppers, bikers, alternative lifestyles, steampunk, 50 shades, and other lookalike audiences as the market trends seem to be best suited at the time. Besides the Jamin Leather® website promotions, their multi-page nationwide print catalog is mailed to a large portion of their periodically updated 200,000-customer database. Jamin Leather® schedules nationwide weekly emails, schedules social media posts thru Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and others, and lastly, produces a bi-weekly live video recordings featuring products, trivia and consumer how-to information, live as well as pre-recorded posts on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Twitch simultaneously… all encompassing a well-rounded marketing plan.

The Myrtle Beach retail store is a 6,800 sq. feet of retail space with sales partially generated from local billboards, bike week promotions, local emails, MBEventGuide.com posts, print catalog hand-outs, and from their well trained and engaging staff.

Jamin Leather® also sponsors many bike week events with Charity Benefit Runs, obtains special event permits for vendors, as well as sponsors an events website for Myrtle Beach locals, tourists and bike week visitors called MBEventGuide.com. Advertisers on the site are likeminded businesses and are in close collaboration with Jamin Leather® for bike week events and places to go.

Motivation to Franchise

While the owner believes Jamin Leather® has numerous appealing attributes and outstanding growth opportunities, in 2024 at age 64 and after almost 50 years selling leather goods, the time is right to expand to new markets. He also believes franchise ownership can accelerate the brand in reaching the next level. He will remain and support the Jamin Leather® brand in the years to come.


Industry Growth The organization is well structured for continued expansion. The leather apparel and accessories market is a modest specialty business that has the potential of immense growth in select markets lacking a quality leather retailer like Jamin Leather® to take the reins. A strategic growth opportunity for an investor to explore a brick-and-mortar franchise strategically placed somewhere within their preferred region.

Management Leadership Expertise:  The Company has, through the investment of considerable time and money, developed a unique and distinctive system of high quality. Led by exceptional manager with almost 50 years of experience and well-respected as an industry expert with strong understanding of style, design, sourcing, and business development in the leather industry. Further supported by his wife who co-owned and managed multiple retail florists in the 1970’s thru the 1990’s and is a display and design expert.

Established and Trusted Supply Relationships: The Company benefits from strong long-term relationships with best-in-class retail/e-tail market leaders for whom they have established proven product development, sales, replenishment programs and the ability to supply high volume production demands for their Franchise channels.

Exclusive Leather Products: The system includes distinctive and exclusive leather products that are proprietary with unique specifications. Jamin Leather® offers a very unique product mix of leather goods. The business designs and produces private label apparel, exclusive Jamin Leather® designs and unique products not offered elsewhere. The Company utilizes several facilities including in-house for high-quality and timely production. Our factories will continually fill and produce high quantities, while maintaining quality.

Commission Sales Benefits:  Franchise owners can receive a commission from Jamin Leather® online consumer retail purchases to customer within their protected territory without any efforts of their own. Franchise owners will also be able to benefit from the corporate website and catalog and can receive commission on dropship orders placed by the Franchisee and shipped directly to the customer by the Franchisor.

Dominant Name and Reputation with a Loyal Following: Jamin Leather’s® customer base is large in number and very loyal. Over 45 years in the retail leather business since 1979 and almost 30 years selling online with the FIRST online shop-able leather retail website. In 1995 that website contained 90+ pages of product and information. Jamin Leather® remained dominant in the leather goods retail space for many years following.

Diversified Customer Base: Jamin Leather® has a wide range of customers which is not exclusively biker, but primarily a fashion customer looking for an alternative or edgy look. Much of its customer base are practical buyers needing functional products like warm weather ware, specialty occasion ware, performance ware, wallets, belts, bags and so much more.

Superior Management/Support: Several key personnel are available for anytime support of all franchisees which include a retail manager, operations manager, and senior managing member. This eclectic group of professionals will help you and support all aspects of the franchise to include manufacturing of quality goods, manage all the unique offerings of new products, assist with your product selection, trends in the market, your purchase orders, drop-shipping and special orders for your customers.

Exclusive Private Label Products: Jamin Leather® designs and produces a large variety of exclusive private label items, including unique items that no one else offers. Besides their own in-house production staff, Jamin Leather® has several key factories that it relies on for high-quality and timely production. With his longstanding relationships with his factories he is able to fill and produce high demand, large quantity orders while maintaining quality control.

Registered Trademark: The Company holds a registered trademark on Jamin Leather® and has been successfully eliminated all found postings and infringers. Registration awarded August 2, 2022 after decades of claiming trademark for the Jamin Leather® name.

Product Videos and Photography: Jamin Leather® owns tens of thousands of copyrighted product photography and an extensive collection of product and information videos that can be available to all franchisees for in-store and local advertising promotions. The Franchisee will not be permitted to market or post any imagery of a product not provided by the Franchisor. Local posting of a purchasing customer’s photo will be permitted only if it portrays a positive image. Time permitting, a Jamin Leather® spokesperson can be available for select recorded promotions for an individual Franchise at no charge.

National and International Reach: Through Jamin Leather’s® online presence, the Company sells to customers nationwide and internationally. Franchisees will benefit from its broad marketing approach and recognition for visitors to their area, making key, high traffic locations more profitable.

Flagship Location to Emulate: Jamin Leather® feels the ideal size for a location is between 2000 and 3000 sq. ft. for a robust representation of the product selection. Jamin Leather’s® superstore location on a main thoroughfare in the tourist town of Myrtle Beach, and is a larger example of what is possible. It is an impressive and unique example of what can be incorporated into your new franchise location. This includes the outdoor porch seating, specialty mannequins, interesting displays, mechanical talking statues, specialty lighting, video displays, kiosks, window displays, decorative props, sewing services, a showcase island and even offers a selection of non-catalog somewhat related retail product to enhance the customers experience when they visit. The franchisor currently operates out of a 24,000 sq. ft. building there which includes a 6,800 sq. ft. retail outlet, corporate offices, warehouse as well as a few smaller unrelated tenants.

Favorable Outlook for Brick-and-Mortar: US online shopping is forecast to grow at an annual compounded rate of 5% per year. Though that may be true for big business, smaller independents are being buried further and further online as more and more wholesalers, large conglomerates and foreign business infiltrate the online US market, in turn, leaving a real big gap for Brick-and-Mortar businesses to succeed. Personal service and the ability to touch & feel the selection is not there, not to mention smell. These points are significantly more important for a leather goods retailer.

Strategic Growth Opportunities: The established business methodologies refined by Jamin Leather® are expected to yield growth going forward with the addition of expanded, privately owned Brick-and-Mortar locations. A new focus on strength in numbers theory! The more the brand is recognized the increase in online sales strengthening the brand as well as rewarding franchisees with commission profits from sale in their protected territory without efforts of the franchisee

Outstanding Quality and Knowledgeable Staff

Outstanding Quality And Knowledgeable Staff
To staff, this is my third purchase from Jamin Leather. Boots, pants and a military shirt. Perfect fit, outstanding quality and hands-on knowledgeable staff. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME
By Angel W

Outstanding Quality and Knowledgeable Staff

You Guys Rock!You Guys Rock!
“Thank you, you guys rock! I still use and have my coats I bought from you years ago and they stand the test of time! These items I recently purchased are for my son, now there are 4 generations of riders!”


By Dana

You Guys Rock!

Highly recommendRecommend To All Bikers
“I like your style and I like the products you have. I’ve searched around… I will pass your info on to all my biker friends and customers. Keep up the great work”
By Kelly M

Recommend To All Bikers

What franchise is easy to own and operate? No technical training? No prior experience? Are you ambitious, friendly and outgoing? How about leather apparel and accessories franchise. An exciting alternative to the more technical offerings out there. A franchise that is not labor or skill intensive. Jamin Leather® franchise is a perfect opportunity and considered a fun alternative.  

What franchise does not require a trade talent? A leather retail franchise is the answer! With a Jamin Leather® franchise you will not need to have buying experience, don’t have to worry about trends, it’s easy to staff, a retail establishment that is unique with an exclusive product selection, almost 50 years of experience and support. A fun and exciting alternative franchise in retail sales. You will need a little talent to sell but no specialty skills and equipment required. 


Jamin Leather® will not provide a Federally required Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) until we are properly registered in your state or the state in which you wish to operate out of. These pages are intended for as an overview only with select information available the time of posting. All contents herein are subject to change without notice. Please contact us for further updates and information.

History of Jamin Leather®

Founded in 1979 in the wonderful state of New York, Jamin Leather® formally known as Jamie’s Leather prior to 1990, has always been a retailer of leather apparel and accessories, including handmade and private label products. Revenue is generated at its flagship Myrtle Beach retail location (since 1997) and by a mail order print catalog (since 1993, samples shown below), the internet (since 1995), and through online affiliates which include Amazon, Etsy, eBay and others (beginning around 2010).


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