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Since 1979, Jamin Leather® has been manufacturing, designing, and selling exclusive leather fashion apparel, motorcycle apparel, and leather accessories. Additionally, the first and only online leather catalog since 1995. Offering leather goods on sale and for sale made in USA and imports at discount sale prices. Exclusive leather jackets, leather shirts, leather pants, leather chaps, leather vests, club vests, leather halters, leather boots, leather gloves, leather belts, leather bags, leather wallets and even intimate leather for both men and women. All at Jamin Leather®! Currently operating out of Myrtle Beach SC within a 24,000 sq ft location with leather expert staff to assist with advice on leather care and product recommendations.

Leather Vests on Sale at Jamin Leather
Leather Jackets on Sale at Jamin Leather
Two year Warranty on all-leather products
Two year Warranty on all-leather products
Leather Vests on Sale at Jamin Leather
Leather Jackets on Sale at Jamin Leather

“I’ve been buying from Jamin for a bit over 15 years now, and have never experienced one single problem with any transaction at all. There does exist a different site online who tries to fool people by naming their site a name that is very deceptively close to Jamin’ Leather’s, but I promise you, that other site cannot possibly provide the quality leather gear you get from the REAL GUYS right here… “

By Brian G

About Style #M110EC

“I had ordered a size way too big, but Jamin’ Leather’s customer support caught that from the measurements that I sent, and convinced me to order a smaller size. I am so glad they did! I cannot recommend the customer support highly enough!”
By Jim K

About Style #C2681ZRN

“My first contact with them was a phone order for a short sleeve motorcycle jacket. They took the time to advise me on sizing… Shipping was prompt and received the jacket the following week. Again I was pleased, the quality and workmanship were far above my expectations and fit was comfortable. This company is my first choice for any future purchases. “
By Jerry

About Style #VM30MCK

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We’re Ready To Serve You!

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Contact Our Leather Expert Staff

HOURS: Mon-Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 12-5pm
(843) 839-5255 x3 

Mon – Fri 10am – 6pm
(843) 294-1222 x0
(800) 79-JAMIN  [Toll-Free]

Visit Our Warehouse and Superstore

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Men’s Fashion and Biker Leather Jackets by Jamin Leather.

Men’s Leather Motorcycle Jackets
American Classics Jamin Leather offer a wide selection of men’s genuine leather motorcycle jackets, including classic MC style jackets and scooter style biker jackets. One of the largest selections of exclusive biker jackets online at discount prices.
Leather Shirts
In the mid-90’s Jamin Leather was the first to introduce a line of leather shirts for the biker that were ideal as a light jacket. Find the leather shirt or lightweight jacket you’ve been looking for right here with this selection. Jamin Leather’s exclusive collection of classic styles of short sleeve and long sleeve leather shirts. These leather shirts are perfect for everyday wear or lightweight motorcycle gear.
Blazers & Sport Coats
Men …look sharp in a classic leather sport coat from Jamin Leather at a price that won’t break the bank. Take on that professional appearance and impress with these leather sport coats and blazers for men.
Casual Coats & Bombers
Men’s classic leather jackets and coats for men in a variety of leathers and styles. Leather fashion coats that include leather bomber jackets and other American Classics for everyday use, including a very large collection of black leather jackets styles only from Jamin Leather.
Trench Coats
A great selection of men’s leather trench coats, all made of premium leather. Some EXCLUSIVE style only available from Jamin Leather. Weather you wear over a suit, over your biker duds or with nothing underneath… you will definitely capture their attention wearing a Jamin Leather trench coat.
Big and Tall Jackets
VERY BIG size men’s leather jackets for men in a variety of leather styles, leathers and features all offered to you at discount leather prices from Jamin Leather. This limited selection includes styles that fit up to size 60 or 6X, and even some to size 74 or 9X.

Leather Jackets for Women by Jamin Leather

Jamin’ Leather’s exclusive collection of leather jackets for women to chose from. A wide array of styles, colors, lengths, shapes and kinds of leather including some plus sizes. Get yourself a quality leather jacket for whatever your budget may be at Jamin Leather.
Jackets $99.99 or Less
Leather jackets under $100 for both Men and Women that are on a budget. Sale jackets included in this category. Jamin Leather has quality leather jackets and textiles that are great for everyday use as well as riding your motorcycle. Most of the $99.99 or less leather jackets are markdowns and value priced where you get the most for your money.
Leather Shirts
Discounted leather shirts or lightweight leather jackets for women that love leather but don’t like the bulk. Choose from a limited variety of leather shirts in designs Exclusively by Jamin Leather.
Blazers & Sport Coats
Women’s leather sport coats and leather blazer for the professional ladies with a commanding personality. Low discounted prices on the great looking jackets from Jamin Leather.
Leather Trench Coats
Long leather trench coats for women and ladies in the most popular styles as well as some Exclusive styles designed by Jamin Leather and only available here. Great quality leather for very reasonable prices only here at Jamin Leather.
Casual Leather Coats
Quality fashion leather coats and jackets for women for a more casual daily wear and a more professional look. Variety of styles at super discount prices as brought to you by Jamin Leather.
Fringe Leather Jackets
Leather fringe and western leather jackets for women that include western leather fashions to fringed biker jackets in a variety of styles at discounted prices by Jamin Leather.
Motorcycle Jackets – Women’s
Premium collection of women’s leather motorcycle jackets ideal for the biker that don’t want just a look. Protection and style are also important. Genuine leather biker jackets in a large variety of styles and colors the way only Jamin Leather can bring it to you!

Men’s Vests by Jamin Leather

Choose the perfect Jamin Leather vest for the classic American man in your family. A wide variety of American Classic vest styles for men along with biker vests at greatly discounted prices. View our variety from basics and traditional to western accents and fancy embellishments. A leather vest for any budget!
Classic V-Neck Vests
Men’s leather vests with patches or made of patches. Choose from a variety of quality motorcycle vest styles with biker patches, eagle patches, and more for the demanding biker that wants the biker look right away. Value priced, discount vests from Jamin Leather.
Vests w/Snaps
Men’s classic American snap up leather vests in various styles, leathers, designs and colors, some of which are Exclusive and only available here. All at discount leather prices all from Jamin Leather.
Club Vests, Leather Cut
Men’s better and BEST quality leather vests available in a variety of premium styles, leathers and product features like CCW pockets at discount leather prices. Including some Exclusive vest styles only available from Jamin Leather.
Vests w/Zipper
Men’s zip front leather vests in a variety of styles, leathers and colors at discount leather prices all from Jamin Leather. Includes a collection of Exclusive leather zip vests only available here.
Big and Tall Vests
VERY BIG leather vests for men in classic styles. These are just some of the many uncommon leather apparel we offer here at Jamin Leather. These styles include all that fit up to size 60 or 7X size and even some styles that fit up to size 74 or 9X.

Women’s Vests & Tops by Jamin Leather

Top quality women’s leather vests in a variety of motorcycle or fashion styles that you can’t find anywhere other than Jamin Leather. We offer many exclusive collections of genuine leather vests for women that are perfect for that classic American lady.
Classic V-Neck Vests
Want the BEST? These premium quality leather vests for women sell for a not so premium price. Choose from a large variety of styles, leathers, and colors that are all available right here at Jamin Leather.
Halter Tops
Discount leather halters to leather tops which include leather bustiers, corsets, bikini tops, and leather tank tops. See one of the LARGEST selection of leather tops on the internet right here from Jamin Leather.
Bustiers, Tank Tops, Corsets
Leather tank tops, corsets and bustiers for women in many different styles that you just might not find anywhere else. Value priced discounts on a variety of high quality leather tops Exclusively from Jamin Leather.
Zipper Vests and Tops
Zip front leather vests for women in classic and sexy eye catching styles. Available in a variety of Exclusive Jamin Leather styles and colors.
Snap Up Vests & Tops
Choose from a variety of classic style snap up leather vests for ladies. Fancy designs to basic classic styles which includes side lacing to patches to fringe and a wide selection of snap up styles that scare our competitors with our hard to beat prices here at Jamin Leather.
Vests in Colors 
Pretty in pink, purple or any other color including vintage antiqued leather vests and tops for women. One of the best selections on the internet. Choose from a variety of quality colored leathers and color leather vest features, all from Jamin Leather.
PLUS Sizes Vests
Women’s PLUS SIZE leather vests for the extra sexy women. Look through a variety of styles and leathers that can not be found anywhere else in these plus sizes and Exclusively from Jamin Leather. Plus sizes include sizes up to 5X or 24.

Other Apparel by Jamin Leather

Genuine leather biker boots and boot accessories for men and a unique collection available for women by Jamin Leather. Includes quite a few premium quality brand name leather boots, durable engineer and harness styles along with a large variety of woman’s fashion boots.
Genuine leather gloves for women and men in a variety of biker winter and fashion styles. From leather gauntlet and fingerless gloves to classic leather driving gloves. A large selection of premium gloves from Jamin Leather.
Leather Belts
A unique collection of leather belts that Jamin Leather prides itself with. Leather belts for work or play. You might just need a belt to show off your biker side, your wild side or maybe just to wear to work everyday. Here is a collection of men’s and womens leather belts that is bound to satisfy.Choose from plain to colorful, or loaded with hardware like chains, conchos, rivets, skulls, studs and more!
CCW & Concealment Items
Everyone has something to hide, either from being stolen, viewed in public or dangerous to have out in the open. Jamin Leather offers several products to stash your cash or even your gun so no one will bother you. Check out all the nifty ways to hide or conceal your personal items when you travel.
Hats & Caps
A variety of hats and caps in leather and other materials that might just be that finishing touch to any outfit. Look like a ball player, a gangster, a biker, a fashionista or simply hide that thin feeling on top. This Jamin Leather collection of leather caps at discounted prices might just assist in keeping that cranium warm and toasty!
Leather Shorts, Skirts, Dresses
Discount leather skirts, shorts and dresses from Jamin Leather in a variety of styles. Several variations exclusively available here at Jamin Leather. Great for that special event.
Intimate Wear
Sexy leather lingerie including leather teddies, leather bikini sets, chains, cuffs, harnesses, restraints and other intimate leather apparel and accessories. These are those hard to find accessories you may have discretely wanted hiding in your dresser drawer. All at discount prices from Jamin Leather.
Children’s Leather
Save on leather apparel for your child or children. Unique styles of childrens leather jackets, vests, and more all from Jamin Leather.

Leather Chaps and Pants by Jamin Leather

Genuine Leather Pants
Men’s genuine leather pants, women’s genuine leather pants, leather biker pants, soft leather pants in a variety of styles all available from Jamin leather.
Motorcycle Chaps
Genuine leather biker chaps for men and stylish leather chaps for women all available at Jamin Leather.

Motorcycle Gear by Jamin Leather

Eye Protection & Sunglasses
Sunglasses, glasses and goggles for motorcycle riding, safety or everyday use. Protect your eyes with shatter-proof lenses, clear, dark or colored lenses available. Foam filled is ideal to keep more draft out and more comfortable to wear. Either way get yourself a pair of nice shades. All from Jamin Leather.
Hair Accessories
Bikers leather hair accessories that help keep your hair from knotting up while riding. With various styles and sizes too choose from you will find something for your hair if its long, or short. Most of these styles are Exclusive handmade by Jamin Leather. Most all hair accessories are Made in U.S.A.
Motorcycle Helmets
Most states require a helmet to ride and weather you want that protection required by the Department of Transportation (DOT) or just want to look like a serious biker Jamin Leather has your style you might see on the road or on your friends. Novelty helmets are not DOT approved and will not give you the protection you need. But we guarantee you will look is bit intimidating and fit the bill of a biker. Ride safe with DOT approved helmets from Jamin Leather.
Face & Neck Protection
Whether you ride a motorcycle or just like to scare your friends here is a collection of leather face protection and masks to either keep them scared and wondering or keep the bugs off your face. These motorcycle masks and neck protection with and without designs will also keep your face and neck warm and protected from road debris. Collection only available from Jamin Leather
Motorcycle Accessories
Leather and more accessories for you or your Motorcycle. Handy parts for the bike itself, like tool bags, sissy bar bags, grip covers, cup holders, and saddle bags and other motorcycle products. All discounted from Jamin Leather, your discount online retailer.

Other Accessories by Jamin Leather

Leather Wallets
Leather wallets in a variety of leather styles and colors for women and men, from clutch wallets to biker chain wallets, trifolds, billfolds, bifolds, money clips and other styles only available from Jamin Leather.
Leather Backpacks & Slings
Whatever kind of over the shoulder style bag you need that even a man could wear and keep his dignity, here Jamin Leather has assembled a collection of over the shoulder bags including sling bags and backpacks to carry all your daily necessities. From iPads to school books. Simply find the size that fits your budget and your junk… I mean stuff!
Armbands, Chokers, Collars, Cuffs, Wristbands
Everyone likes to wear a little extra accessories, such as a band for your wrist, a collar for your neck, a band to strap around your arm, a garter for your leg or maybe even a leather gauntlet to cover more of your arm and make a statement! Jamin Leather offers a very wide array of leather bands for all those parts and more, even if it’s just to hang from your rear view mirror.
Leather Purses & Handbags
A leather purse or handbag is a very personal item. Whether you like them big or small, over the shoulder purse or a mini backpack style purse, plain or filled with embellishments like studding, fringe, conchos, extra hardware or just have a lot of pockets, Jamin Leather has this variety that you should check out. We try and keep on top of the most basic and fashionable styles that would satisfy both young and old.
Leather Travel Bags
Jamin’ Leather has a vast variety of leather briefcases, duffel bags, sling bags and other varieties of tote bags for that very purpose. Whether it’s a lot of stuff for the week or just a visit with a client for the afternoon, you just might want to make a bit more of an impact when you arrive with a nice leather bag at your side.
Steampunk Accessories
Steampunk fashion is here to stay as it did in the 1800’s. Here is variety of leather and non-leather items that fit the fashion trend. Mixing and matching is the idea in our modern day Steampunk craze. From top hats to corsets to a variety of leather accessories the fill out your collection or when the mood is just right (or maybe, when the moon is right). All at discount prices from Jamin Leather.
Leather Care Products
Maintain all your leather goods including your leather apparel and accessories with leather conditioners, leather cleaners, water repellent, and other leather protectors to keep your leather item soft and long lasting. Please read instructions and descriptions before using to prevent unwanted damage to your leather items. Recommended by Jamin Leather.
Craft Supplies
Crafters need craft supplies and findings that they can decorate with. Scrapbooking requires unusual items to fill their collages. Leather crafters need rivets, snaps, studs and other hardware to attach as decoration or function. Either way here are some supplies that Jamin Leather offers to fill that need. NOTE: More items will be added soon!
Unusual Items
Unusual and hard to find leather and related biker and gift items found nowhere else other than Jamin Leather. Simply Go-Ahead just check it out!
Leather wallets in a variety of leather styles and colors for women and men, from clutch wallets to biker chain wallets, trifolds, billfolds, bifolds, money clips and other styles only available from Jamin Leather.