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What is a Standard Exchange?

How do I Exchange within 60 Days?

How do I Exchange or Credit after 60 Days?

How do I get a return label?

My item has a retail security tag still attached. What do I do now?

My item does not fit as expected. Do I have to pay for the return?

I want to exchange for something more expensive. How do I do that for payment?

Will I have to pay for the shipping on my Exchange?


What is a Standard Refund?

How do I get an RMA# for Refund?

Will I have to pay for the shipping to return for Refund?

My item is not as it is described. What do I do now?

My item arrived damaged. What do I do now?

How do I get a Refund within 30 Days?

How do I get a Refund outside 30 Days?

When will I see my Refund?

How do I get a return label?


What do I do about wrinkles in my leather?
Just like clothes in your closet, they may show signs of wrinkles or folds that may not seem to come out. Well, this is generally caused by tight storage in import containers that can either be too hot or cold while in transit. This is not a defect of the product and we can assure you that any and all folds and wrinkles will gradually work their way out with normal use, body heat and stored at room temperature. Please allow a week or two of normal use for most creases to disappear. If it still bothers you, see ironing instructions below.
What do I do about indents in my leather?
Sometimes shippers pack their boxes of leather goods for transport with as little air as possible. Sometimes even extracting air from storage boxes to fit more goods inside. This is not the best form of storage when it comes to leather, but can happen sometimes. This may cause concern and customers may think this is a defect in the product that will not fix. Well it’s not. All indents from the layers of leather, buttons, snaps, or other articles simply need to be opened up, rubbed or curled out with your fingers. If this does not solve it immediately normal wear, body heat and room temperature storage will help a great deal. If after a week or two of wearing the article and it still bothers you, see ironing instructions below. Also, don’t mistake indents with naturally wrinkly, softer parts of the hide.
How do I iron my leathers?

If you are in a rush to make your leather goods look perfect (from the reasons noted above) this is how you do it. BE CAREFUL! An iron at too high of a setting will burn or melt the product. We CANNOT take back any merchandise that has been ironed. But with care it will be successful.

1. You must have brown paper (like a grocery bag)
2. Iron on low setting (no water)
3. Put brown paper in between the iron and the article (don’t let the iron touch the leather).
4. Only iron top side of leather in the areas in question.

NOTE: the thicker the leather (like cowhide/buffalo) you can use a higher setting than lambskin/sheepskin. This should take longer than ironing non-leather clothes. Take your time for good results. Any folds that don’t completely come out will eventually be unnoticeable after use.

What do I do about the natural scars in my leather?
Animals are often blessed with scars and bug bites over the course of their life. This adds to the natural character of the product you purchased. Our factories try to avoid placing scarred or unsightly panels in sections of your garment where it might be considered unsightly. But sometimes it is unavoidable. If you received an article with these characteristics, more than likely the rest of our inventory is quite the same. But if you are still not satisfied with the look of your item, feel free to contact us for possible replacement or refund within the time limits of our policies. We at Jamin’ Leather appreciate your purchase and will try to help you any way we can.


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