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“When I ordered this jacket my expectations were low because of the price. The pictures showed a jacket of exactly what I’ve been looking for and already had a couple saved in my Amazon cart but couldn’t afford at the moment. Since I couldn’t afford those yet I decided to take a shot at this one and if something was wrong I could just send it back. But this jacket is flawless and identical to what I’ve been searching for. This jacket is sexy, warm, and well made. I am blown away by the price they are selling it for and it even arrived in less than a week with free shipping. This company is amazing and I’m so happy I stumbled across them. Its everything I could have hoped for and then some. Thank you Jamin Leather for being so awesome! I’m a happy ass dude getting all kinds of compliments.”

James Kucinski from Pittsburgh, PA United States – Product #M747BTQK