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“My wife and I are so pleased with Jamin’ Leather! My wife has a black leather jacket with tassels and it was starting to get tears in it from wear and tear. Unfortunately, she knew not where it was purchased or the brand name of the jacket, so, I’ve been on a mission for years to find a replacement jacket as a gift!! And, then, here comes Jamin’ Leather with almost the perfect match!! So, I ordered the jacket, and, even though it was not an exact match, it was close enough!!! Most importantly, the cost was excellent and the speed of delivery and quality of this product is also excellent!!! Also, if I would have chosen to wait longer for delivery, there would have been NO shipping charges!!! Wow, that is GREYT!!! Thank you Jamin’ Leather!!!”

Michael T. Grey from Fairview Heights, IL United States – Product #L205FB

Jamin Leather® Franchise