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Staci M

“I am SO stoked! It fits perfectly and I think I am in love. I have told so many people how awesome you guys are. Keep up the good work”

Amy L.

“I would tell you how awesome you guys are but that would be redundant at this point!”


“Thank you I looked through your site. Beautiful Jackets. Thank you for modeling real women all sizes.”

Jorge G.

Just purchased their Extra Long Leather Eupalet Chains #AE16024CRK and I absolutely LOVE IT!! I’ve purchased several leather products from different sources but never came across an item so unique as this! Thank you Jamin Leather all the way from Los Angeles,...

Jammie C.

I love this place. Great prices. Great selection. Great Prices. staff is amazing. Been visiting this place since the early 2000’s. I just keep coming back…

Randy S

I can’t say enough good things about the staff and the selection! The sewing crew is top notch! They sew all of our club patches! They even repaired the zipper on my boots for next to nothing!  If you can’t find what you are looking for here it probably...

Rosemary F

What a great experience Mark and I had last Saturday.  We arrived 10 Min before closing and was welcomed and helped not worrying about staying open late. I tried on a leather vest and the employee put another vest over the door and asked me to try it on. I did and...

Edgar C

Hello Helga, So glad you guys are ok. Thank you for being so professional and kind as a customer service representative. My wife and I will absolutely stay as regular customers especially with employees like your who are so helpful with customer needs.
Jamin Leather® Franchise